About Us

My wife and I are US Coast Guard licensed 100 Ton Masters and have real world cruising experiences to share. We help build your cruising confidence allowing you to get comfortable with your vessel operations. If you don’t have a boat yet we can help prepare you for the day you do!

Boat selection, operation techniques including docking, locking and anchoring are just a few of the many terrific topics included in our video training series. Each episode can help the novice  or seasoned boater become a more confident cruiser.

Ask Captain Chris about everything boating! We present enlightening seminars throughout the country on terrific topics that will get your adventure in high gear. And for those of you who aren’t gearheads, we can help you learn more about all the below deck systems and get you comfortable with how they operate. Check out our seminar schedule in our calendar of events and see what courses we offer near your home port.

Remember this is pleasure boating! Aboard your own boat we will help you work together as a team, captain and mate. Beginning with trip planning, we will cast off from the dock and teach you to navigate with ease. When in open water we will practice the basic principles of maneuvering with each of you taking a turn at the wheel, walking in each other’s deck shoes. Now you are ready to return to the dock with confidence, practicing bow-in, stern-in and side tie docking.

A big plus we offer as professional training captains is to help you set up preventive maintenance programs for all your vessel systems and you won’t have to become a mechanic….in other words, we will introduce you to all systems aboard your boat that make boating more fun.

We provide a hands-on total systems learning experience for the new owner. Increasing your level of expertise, we’ll suggest spare parts and supplies to have aboard, offer practical knowledge to make basic underway repairs and even suggest ways to make your galley seem just like your kitchen at home. We can do this at your home port or during a training delivery aboard your boat.

We are available to work with you anytime, anywhere to help ease your learning curve.